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Is a GSP right for you? Other.....

Is a German Shorthaired Pointer the right dog for you and your family ?

  • Friendly and affectionate

  • Eager to please

  • Excellent swimmers

  • Extreme energy, they will need some type of daily exercise

  • May have strong prey drive

  • They do shed

  • They are often vocal. Two of ours are while others are not.

  • The GSP is one of the most popular pointing dogs in the United States, and they currently sit within the top ten of the AKCs overall most popular breeds. It's no surprise really given GSPs are so intelligent, eager to please, happy and affectionate ! 

  • This very affectionate, devoted breed is also a very talented and versatile hunter. GSP bird dogs have a keen nose and can be a perfect companion for the bird hunters. Our GSPs also love to swim and some used to retrieve.

    On the home front, these joyful, protective dogs play well with children. They can also amuse themselves if need be, but beware of the bored adult GSP because they will certainly find some way to get your attention!

    These dogs thrive in the home environment and will perform and behave as well as they are expected and trained to. They are mellow and oriented toward their owners, but are highly intelligent and need consistent and knowledgeable owners willing to invest their time and effort toward bringing the best out of their family GSP.


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No quail available at this time. 
We are no longer raising quail at this time.

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