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A Puppy is NOT held without a PayPal $100 deposit or deposit paid in person. $100 comes off total and is nonrefundable ( unless issue on our end-read contract) 

We do not accept deposits until individual pictures are posted, If interested in our new litters, feel free to contact us to be added to our contact list @ no fee. We do not post pics until puppies are approximately 4-5 weeks of age and then will accept deposits, once individual pictures are posted, deposit is received, we will send weekly updates & videos.


Please read our health contract/guar't & FAQ pages as to why this is our policy.  Once deposit is received we will stay in communication with you. We will send updates, videos, and update pictures on the website.


​It is our goal to be responsible breeders. A lot of research and care is taken to pair the right dogs in order to achieve puppies with the best possible temperament and natural ability. We know that healthy, well-bred parents produce strong litters. Please read our website in its entirety FAQ, new puppy information, health guarantee, contract, past puppy pics, etc. before placing a deposit on your forever puppy. We reserve the right to refuse a deposit for any reason that we believe will not be a good fit or home for our puppies. 

Thank you for inquiring about our precious puppies! 


Our new addition male Howell Farms Nitro is the sire to our beautiful Abby's litter. He is an incredible athlete with natural talent and style. Since he is new to our program, we do know he is easy going, loves attention, playing, riding and the water. He has shown some great interest in ducks and geese this year. His trainability is top notch, he takes corrections, and listens, and learns quickly , already obedience trained and we see great potential in retrieving with him. He is a very well built fellow with great confirmation. He is roughly 50 lbs. and is a beautiful black roan patched and ticked AKC GSP !

2D721A15-1862-4181-8894-F77BC9CC794F (1).JPG

Howell Farms KING SAMPSON ( we call our sweet Sam ) has been with us since he was 8 weeks old ! Sam is a dark liver roan, with a simply perfect personality ! He is ambitious on the ground always running with a purpose. Sam comes form a great line of hunting dogs and you couldn't ask for a smarter gsp !
He possesses intelligence, conformation and has been the best family friendly fellow in our program !   Friendly and eager to please, he weighs approximately 50 lbs. He was a pleasure to train and he is a pleasure to be a wonderful part of our home and breeding program !



 Our Howell Farms AKC Abigail  hails from a lineage of champions.
Our beautiful black roan Abigail will be retired after this litter. She has been an outstanding momma to her past litters. We hear often from her past babies which are all over the U.S. and are champions as she and her pedigree proves. No, she will not be available to purchase, she will continue to be our family pet and get to have more free roam time and hunt more as she loves so much. She is warm-hearted, has a strong will to please and has that excellent on-off switch. She is a determined, independent smart girl and we adore our Abby that we have owned since she was 8 weeks old. 


Howell Farms Impressive Indy's best quality is her loving and Velcro personality. Indy is constantly seeking attention and loves everyone she meets. She is happy-go-lucky, easy to handle, She embodies the ideal temperament and obedience for a cherished family companion and loyal friend. Indy is approximately 55 lbs, she is liver and white patched and ticked. She is a beautiful gsp and is always great with her puppies !

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